UK Oracle User Group

External Facilitator Request

9 January 2018

Request for Information

Drivers for Change

As an organisation providing services to the Oracle marketspace in the UK, we face an ever-changing environment as Oracle themselves have been changing significantly in the past years.  

Our historic user community has been largely based on the core Oracle products; Database, EBusiness Suite etc.  However, currently Oracle have an equal, if not greater focus on their newer business model areas in Cloud solutions specifically.  Oracle are also increasingly focussed on their developer community and those who are implementing hybrid cloud solutions and thus non-traditional Oracle products. Oracle end users continue to change in both types of organisation who buy their solutions and in makeup of who takes an interest in their solutions.

We therefore face the following key challenges as an organisation:

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  A shrinking membership base due to natural attrition.

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Difficulties in attracting new members.

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Difficulties in attracting new sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.


Objectives of this request

We recognise the drivers for change and we know we need to act upon these in order to survive as an organisation.  We also recognise that the type of change we need to invoke is not iterative and will be transformative, so we need to be bold and decisive in our actions.

We therefore seek the support of an external facilitator to engage the relevant persons across these key stakeholder groups to achieve the objectives below:

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Board of Directors

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Operational Management Team

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Membership

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Volunteers

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Oracle

Liaison will have to be coordinated through the UKOUG office team to ensure the right messaging is achieved initially. We expect this engagement to take place over a number of facilitator led workshops and be summarised in a suitable board report and supporting business plan.

We seek to achieve the following objectives in this piece of work:

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Define and document the options available to address the key challenges.

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Analyse these options and recommend the most viable ones to address the challenges in section 1.2.

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  Define a plan to implement these changes with resource implications and indicative costs.

We would like to begin our transformation in 2018 and have it fully implemented by 2019 therefore we need to start this piece of work immediately.

We would like to select a partner in January 2018 with the aim for work to begin in January or February for a period of 2 months.


Instructions to Vendors

Vendor responses to this RFI will be accepted by Karen McCormack no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday 22nd January. Submittals must be made electronically via email. All financial information submitted by the vendor will be used for evaluation purposes only and will be held in the strictest confidence.

Questions and Clarifications

Vendors should aggregate their requests for clarification and submit them via email to no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 17th January. Such requests for clarification, and UKOUG responses, will be supplied in writing to all parties that have received copies of the RFI, without identifying the source of the inquiry.

Response Format

Vendors must address all information specified by this RFI. All questions below must be answered completely. UKOUG reserves the right to verify any information contained in the vendor's RFI response, and to request additional information after the RFI response has been received. Marketing brochures will not be considered as responses. Such material must be submitted only separately as email attachments, and may or may not be reviewed by UKOUG. Marketing materials must not be used as a substitute for written responses.

Cover Letter

The RFI response must be accompanied by a cover letter, signed by an individual authorized to bind the proposed entity.

Response Submission

Vendor responses should be emailed to: Please note that it is the vendor's responsibility to ensure that the final response and all other required documents are received by the specified closing date at the address specified above. UKOUG will be the sole judge of the qualifications of all prospective candidates, and reserves the right to reject any or all responses without recourse. UKOUG is aware that information contained in the responses indicates vendors' current operations. Therefore, use of this information will be confined to this request and will be treated as confidential.

Response Evaluation

The evaluation process will comprise:

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  A preliminary examination to determine commercial and technical viability for our needs

UKOUG Red Bullet Arrow  A detailed technical and functional evaluation to determine ability to meet requirements

After completing the initial evaluation phase of the process, UKOUG may, at its own discretion, pursue further evaluation with a limited number of vendor candidates.


The vendor should provide details of three or more customers for reference. References should be for customers with requirements similar to those of UKOUG, and ideally customers of similar size in the same/similar industry and geography.



1. Please provide details of previous experience in delivering this type of consultancy to organisations similar to the UKOUG and how you would apply that experience to this project.

2. Details for an appropriate Reference Site (company information, contact details and an outline of the services delivered) where your company has delivered similar services in the past. UKOUG may contact or seek to visit the Reference Site provided as part of the evaluation process for this tender.

3. Could you please provide a fixed fee (inclusive of VAT and all consultant expenses) for the delivery of the scope outlined above?

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