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UKOUG Licence Management Event 2016 Featured Speaker - Steven Russman

15 February 2016

Get to know Steven Russman from IBSMA and find out a little bit more about his #ukoug_lme16 session.

Steven RussmanName: Steven Russman

Job Title: Executive Director

Company: IBSMA

Session: What's Driving Software Asset and License Management in 2016?

Time: 11:55 - 12:40

Tell us about yourself in 100 words:
I’ve spent the past 15 years dedicated to advancing the practice of software asset and license management through the International Business Software Managers Association. From hosting conferences and speaking at industry events, to publishing articles and journals, I strive to stay on the cutting edge of new approaches to SAM, ITAM and license compliance programs internationally. When I’m not speaking, teaching, or writing, I value the time I get to spend with IBSMA members and our industry vendor partners learning about their latest tools and approaches and listening to their challenges and needs.

What is your main goal in life?
Professionally, my main goal is to elevate the practice of software and IT asset management, provide education and networking opportunities to practitioners, and advocate for SAM and ITAM standards.

What are your interests inside and outside of work?
At work, my main role is to drive IBSMA’s education and member service objectives and I enjoy doing this most at in-person events, through my LinkedIn blog, and by interacting with members. Outside of work, I enjoy running and travel.

How long have you been working with Oracle products?
16 years

Detail one key take away from your presentation?
Aside from all of the data and percentages, I want to drive home the idea that there is a large international community of software asset and license management professionals out there and we are all facing the same challenges. We must learn from each other.

What do you predict will be the next big topic within Oracle licensing?
Oracle’s approach to the cloud is still evolving and will stay a big topic for years to come.

What is the best thing about presenting at a UKOUG event?
This will be my first UKOUG event and I look forward to seeing many IBSMA members in person along with meeting new licensing management pros.

 Check out the UKOUG Licence Management Event 2016 agenda here.

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