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How to Upgrade Your 11g RAC Cluster to 12c With (Near-)Zero Downtime

9 March 2016

David Hickson, BT

Date: 21st April 2016

11:15 - 12:00

RAC Cloud, Infrastructure & Availability


Oracle announced the end of premier support for Oracle11gR2 at the start of 2015. Since then BT has been deploying new RAC clusters using Oracle12c but still has many RAC clusters running at older versions. This presentation will cover a largely automated method of performing a rolling upgrade from Oracle 11gR2 RAC clusterware to Oracle 12c including enlarging and replacing voting disks, converting to FlexASM and FlexCluster and configuring the GI Management Repository with (near)-zero downtime. Whilst the process is fairly involved Oracle have made this a largely pain-free affair. This presentation will describe this process and any pitfalls in detail.

Topics covered will include:

- how to perform rolling upgrades of RAC clusterware from 11gR2 to 12c
- how to downgrade from 12c to 11gR2 (with caveats!)
- how to ensure your newly upgraded cluster uses the new Oracle12c features such as FlexASM and FlexCluster (and why you want to!)

Presented by:

David Hickson, BT


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