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Interview with Cameron Purdy, the keynote of Tech13

7 November 2013

Join Cameron Purdy as he updates UKOUG with the latest trends and product capabilities from Oracle Cloud Application Foundation and Exalogic.

Vice President of Development Cameron Purdy spoke to Simon Haslam about JavaOne highlights and his keynote session at Tech13. 

 We have released WebLogic 12c in fact what we call Application Foundation 12c.  Cloud Application Foundation includes Exalogic Engineered Systems from Middleware, our web tier, our webservers and plugins and WebLogic itself and Coherence all together providing great infrastructure for Java and Java EE applications.

We announced this summer Java EE 7 which is a new version of our Enterprise Application Development Platform which provides standard Enterprise Application Development APIs and components. Developers can leverage to build applications. This year the focus is on HTML5 things like Web Socket the ability to have very rich interactive applications targeting at devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We also have a number of great new features. We don’t usually just focus in on the features and there are some pretty hot ones this year, things like hot cache, where if you have a WebLogic and Coherence application with data cached in memory and the data changes in the database bump up these using GoldenGate Technology into the application so it allows you to avoid that stale data problem for example."

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