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17 September 2013

Five key challenges facing global project delivery

Globalisation offers all manner of growth opportunities. However, most organisations are not structured to deliver the agility demanded by globalised operations. By favouring a central HQ with independent ancillary bodies, large multinationals often find that their international presence does not translate into global collaboration.

Excessive rules and bureaucracy are also at odds with the responsiveness demanded in today’s interconnected business landscape. And further challenges can be found in the need to form and manage more sustainable supplier and partner relationships.

In the decade ahead, the nature of projects will be more intensely shaped by transformative forces – including economic, geopolitical, cultural and technological.
This Oracle paper covers five of the biggest issues affecting globalised project portfolio performance:

  • A shifting risk profile: the impact on cross-border trade
  • Regulatory obstacles: the many trade barriers organisations have to navigate
  • Cultural differences: the challenge of accommodating different values and beliefs
  • Resource constraints: the obstacles of an underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Problem flexibility: the difficulty of maintaining visibility throughout the value chain
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