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Latest News from the OAUX Team this December

21 December 2016

Check out the latest updates from the OAUX Team

Jeremy Ashley, Group Vice President of the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team, appears on both big and small screens as he discusses the role of user experience in our work lives in this round-up of recent videos, articles, and posts:

Web Summit in Lisbon:  CloudMovesTV caught up with Jeremy at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in November for an interview about how technology is influencing the user experience, and what Oracle is doing about it. For a more personal perspective on Web Summit, as well as a bit about the debate Jeremy took part in on whether the customer is always right, read OAUX team member Karen Scipi’s post about her time at the Web Summit on the Oracle Usable Apps in the Cloud blog, Front and Center: The User Experience.

OracleVoice on For a post for OracleVoice, Oracle’s platform on, Jeremy discusses the continual visual evolution of Oracle’s user experience and how Cloud applications are technical tools in our jobs. One role of user experience is to help these tools become part of our corporate culture, and astute observers will recognize that this has been a focus of the visual evolution strategic theme for the past year. Read more about it in “Application User Experience Must Reflect the Corporate Culture.”

Oracle’s Profit Online: In Pillars of Innovation by Oracle’s Robert Preston, Jeremy talks about how innovation happens at Oracle on his own team, and what he does to support it. As Preston writes, breakthrough ideas don't just happen by chance.

HR Tech Outlook: In this online article, Jeremy discusses how HR must work to meet the needs of an ever-widening employee base, and how technology can play a role, in “Designing Tools for the Multi-Generation Workforce.”

Voice of User Experience, or VoX blog: Jeremy doesn’t do all of the talking about user experience. The OAUX team’s Vikki Lira has also compiled a collection of customer quotes from Oracle OpenWorld 2016. See what people are saying about the Release 11 user experience in “Customer conversations: Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Release 11 highlight UX benefits.”

MORE FROM THE OAUX TEAM: Members of the OAUX team were at several events in the past month, showing how an investment in emerging technology can lead to something new in the user experience. In the first sponsored mini maker faire, Oracle hosted makers at the Conference Center at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores in November. More than 80 makers showed exhibits, OAUX team member and organizer Laurie Pattison says, and about 500 people came through. You can read more about the event on The Oracle Blog. Later in the month, it was off to Sydney for the Integrated Cloud Hackathon with Oracle partners. For a look at how that went, watch this video on the OAUX YouTube channel. While there, GVP Ashley and Pattison, who also coordinated the hackathon, took time out for a podcast interview. Listen to that here.

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