UK Oracle User Group

Quest for IT Compliance & Internal Controls

3 August 2006

Quest for IT Compliance & Internal Controls
1/2 day Seminar - various locations throughout UK & Ireland

As an IT professional, you are under increasing external and internal pressure to implement controls that ensure the integrity of information. But how does the implementation of controls link to operational excellence? Quest can help you link those requirements together. In this seminar, you will learn about quest solutions for addressing compliance requirements in your applications, databases and Windows infrastructures.
The quest for compliance has driven organisations around the world to search for solutions that not only help them address their regulatory mandates, but also help them align with standard best practices frameworks, such as COBIT and ITIL, in order to sustain that compliance.

TRACK A - Database and Applications: 9:00-11:00 (registration: 08:45)

- Overview & the IT Compliance Challenge
- Data Controls and Database Auditing
- Application level internal controls
- Easing compliance with simplified sign-on.
- Demonstrations
- Futures, Summary, Q&A

TRACK B - Windows Infrastructure: 11:00 - 13:45 (registration: 10:45)

Overview & the IT Compliance Challenge
- Infrastructure-wide compliance
- Coherent/complete user auditing
- Email archiving
- Demonstrations
- Futures, Summary, Q&A


Dublin - 5th September
Warrington - 6th September
Edinburgh - 8th September
Reading - 12th September
London - 15th September