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3 July 2015

Handy to know post from Shannon...

I was using a development workstation the other day, this DID have jDeveloper installed, but did not have SQLDeveloper…  How that occurred – I will never know.  But the really cool thing I worked out (quite randomly) was that I could evoke a JDeveloper version of SQL and use SQL work sheets from JDeveloper.  This was a really nice find.  It also helps me when I’m using JDeveloper on my mac.


To view your connection details, goto window –> databases


And see


This is really neat.  Very easy to set up connection strings too, of course, because it’s oracle – very easy to find jdbc’s drivers for oracle.

The reason I’m doing this is long and convoluted, I’ll probably post some more details of it soon. 

We are developing a piece of software that will enable you to print attachments as well as reports from JDE.  So, for example, if you wanted to print today’s work orders and the attachments for those work orders, then you could do this automatically.  Our software will find the WO# in the BIP output (or standard PDF) and then query the F00165, find the relevant attachments – download them if necessary and then print them using the appropriate printing software.  WOW – how cool is that!  It’ll also print a cover sheet of the attachments and what was printed. 

We are developing this for the use-case of work orders, but we can see that this is going to be popular for many different business scenarios (ITEM’s / sales orders / addresses etc).

We needed to spend some time ripping the XML data from the F95630 table for the reports that have been run so that we could reverse engineer the data coming out for each report.  There was some slightly tricky stuff to make that visible, but nothing has stopped us so far.


Source: Shannon's JD Edwards CNC Blog


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