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Resolving Product Issues Faster So You Can Get Back to Your “Real” Job

30 May 2015

Oracle Support has incorporated several new features to help speed Service Request (SR) resolution time for common types of software issues. Find out more...

Siebel has resources and tools specifically designed to help you resolve your issue and get answers quickly, and without the time commitment of opening a Service Request (SR). Troubleshooting Assistants, Performance Advisors and Diagnostic Agents are just a few of the tools you will find linked in the Successful Service Requests for Faster Resolutions document.

No matter how proactive you are, there will still be times that issues occur that you cannot prevent or questions that require answers. As an Oracle customer, you have multiple channels to connect with the Oracle Support team and a multitude of resources to help resolve issues or answer questions. Oracle continues to enhance and broaden the capabilities and tools to help resolve issues faster.

The document ‘Successful Service Requests for Faster Resolutions’ (Doc ID 1993795.1) outlines best practices when it comes to creating and working with a Service Request (SR) to enable speedier resolution times. The document also overviews our new Guided Resolution tool which uses logic, based on your specific situation to help guide you to existing Knowledge Management (KM) solutions. 

Source: Oracle Siebel Support Blog

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