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Rowset to Excel

3 October 2015

Graham Smith shares a useful technique for exporting RowSet record data to Excel.

We all know that PeopleSoft grids can be exported to Excel using the button on the grid status bar.


But what if the data you want to export to Excel is not in a grid?  What if you need to programatically export data using PeopleCode.

I'm sure there are many ways to do this but I recently came across this useful technique for exporting RowSet record data to Excel.   Here's a working code sample.


The magic is in the use of the FormatResultString method from the Query class.  This accepts a rowset as input and will produce a string of HTML which when opened in Excel does just nicely.



Graham has added the code for people to copy from his blog posting.

Source: Graham's PeopleSoft Blog

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