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Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibility View

1 July 2015

Find out which browser versions are compatible with which releases...

The quote, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” by Heraclitus is ever so true when it comes to computing.  Looking around today, the cell phone technology is more powerful than computers a few years ago and as computers change, likewise the software.

If you have grown with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1) software and Internet Explorer (IE) through the years, you are well aware of our use of activeX controls and the subsequent requirement of compatibility view with IE10 and IE11. 

Compatibility view has been more of a recent requirement which is fortunately no more, but is still causing mischief and misunderstanding depending on your E1 tools release.

As Microsoft has improved on the browser, they have gone from the Standard Mode to a new Edge Mode with IE11. With the E1 code being built to run on standard mode, this required the use of Compatibility view for all of the E1 functionality to work correctly.

With the release of 9.1.5, the IE code in E1 has been uplifted to utilize the edge IE coding and html5 throughout E1, which means we no longer use the old IE standard mode. When reviewing the minimum technical requirements (MTR) via Certifications on MyOracle Support (MOS) this is reflected by support for only IE10 and IE11 with 9.1.5. 



Supported TR

Compatibility View

IE 8

8.98.1 –


IE 9 –


IE 10

9.1.2 –


IE 10

9.1.5 - Onward


IE 11

9.1.4 –


IE 11

9.1.5 - Onward



Based on the requirements in the table and your installed release, open Internet Explorer and click on the drop down for settings, Compatibility View is in the list.  From here it is easy to add or remove the URL based on the tools release requirements.


For 9.1.5, when compatibility view is turned off, the catch is ensuring not only the removal of any E1 URL previously added but removing the check box for "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View". 

Please note: A symptom in 9.1.5 of the check box or URL not being removed is a missing preference item for the Enable Simplified Row/Form Exits. 

Source: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Support Blog

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