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Siebel Hub Survey 2015: Platforms and Users - The Siebel Hub

13 July 2015

The Siebel Hub Survey 2015 included questions about the operating system platforms and the number of users.

As it seems, Microsoft Windows is most popular among Siebel CRM customers with more than half of the projects using it to run their Siebel Enterprises. Oracle Linux with 19% follows strong, followed by other (UNIXes). 10% of deployments are on Sun Solaris which puts Oracle on second place (OEL plus Sun) in the vendor ranking. IBM's 390 OS is used by 4% of projects.

When we put the operating system results against the average project size (number of users) we see that Sun Solaris and IBM 390 are mostly used in larger projects (user count in the thousands) which does not come totally unexpected.

When looking at the industry, we see that MS has a big footprint across all areas.

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