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Siebel Open UI Framework Event Tracing

17 June 2015

When working with frameworks such as the Siebel Open UI JavaScript implementation by Oracle, the weary developer is always on the hunt for events that she or he can eventually ‘trap’ in order to hook in custom code.

As a Siebel developer, we have many of these events on the server side. No need to even mention PreWriteRecord or SetFieldValue etc. When you have some exposure to Siebel Runtime Events or Siebel Scripting, you know how to add custom code (or declarative calls) to these events.

In Siebel Open UI, however we are on the browser side and there is no nice dropdown list of available events. So eventually (pun intended) we have to put in a bit of effort and trace events as they happen. This article discusses several techniques for event tracing in Siebel Open UI.

We will discuss the following (and as you will see, they are all part of the Presentation Model class):

  • AddMethod
  • Proxy Events
  • PM Binding
  • Notification Handler
  • Event Handler
  • Validator

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