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The Enterprise Data Archive For Hybrid IT

The Enterprise Data Archive For Hybrid IT

21 January 2013

Data volumes are exploding. We see it all around us. The problem is that too much data can have a very negative impact on user productivity. Think about how long it takes to sift through emails after returning from vacation? Consider how long it takes to complete a purchase on an Ecommerce sight on Black Friday?

The more data, the longer any of these processes take and the more time spent combing through more and more data. Informatica has been successfully working with Symantec and our customers through our partnership to help them find ways to control the impact of ‘too much data’. We are helping them to define projects that improve their ability to meet SLAs and application performance, reduce costs and mitigate any compliance risks – all while IT budgets remain relatively flat.
If enterprises don’t take a proactive stance on managing data growth in both Structure and Unstructured data sources - data will slow down the business, take over the infrastructure, the data center, and the IT budget. Yet, deleting data is just not an option. The business users say they need access to it all. Compliance officers say they need to keep it for a required period of time.
The problem is keeping all that data is not free. As more data needs to be retained, more software licenses and infrastructure needs to be budgeted for. Faster storage and more powerful servers will be necessary, otherwise expect slower application performance and backups potentially not completing in the allotted timeframes.
Enterprise data archiving is a solution many organizations turn to address these challenges. By classifying and archiving aged or inactive data to an online accessible archive, production data volumes can be significantly reduced. At the same time, data can be managed according to regulatory retention policies with integrated eDiscovery and Legal hold support. These translate into both hard and soft dollar savings – including lower HW and SW costs, improved application performance and streamlined operational efficiencies – such as faster backup and recovery windows. Not to mention simplifying audits and improving compliance.
These benefits are amplified when the solution can scale across the enterprise and support a Hybrid IT environment with consolidated management. The need exists for technology that supports all data types and can simultaneously abstract policy definition, administration, and enforcement from the physical instantiation of the data. With the alignment between Informatica and Symantec, our joint solution for the Enterprise Data Archive is better together to offer a comprehensive solution for Hybrid IT.
CIOs and Application Owners are also working together to evaluate solutions that can archive data across a variety of enterprise applications and platforms, a variety of data including both structured and unstructured data, and in multiple locations - on premises or in the cloud. Similarly, Informatica and Symantec are facilitating the dialog to ensure optimal customer success. To get started, Informatica with Symantec will be co-hosting an educational webinar on January 23rd to share information about how these solutions work and how to get started by building a business case. Please join myself and Mark Olsen from Symantec for a great discussion. Don’t miss out!

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