UK Oracle User Group

UKOUG appoint new Non Executive Director

UKOUG appoint new Non Executive Director

21 April 2017

UKOUG completes its Board of Directors with a Non Executive Director appointment



I am pleased to announce the appointment of Fiona Martin, Director, KPMG as the new Non-Executive Director (NED) for the UK Oracle User Group. Fiona will start in this new role in April.

Fiona is well known to the membership and the UKOUG operations and has provided exemplary services as Member Advocate Chair for the last four years. The NED role on the Board is an operational appointment (not elected), designed to support and assist me as Executive Director and my team as we deliver the organisation's strategic objectives and policies.  

Bryan Foss completed his term as NED earlier in March and the Board had determined that the replacement NED should have commercial skills. These are skills that Fiona has previously demonstrated and delivered for UKOUG which coupled with her extensive market knowledge and industry network make her the right appointment. Although the NED appointment is my decision I chose to seek the views of the UKOUG Board and Appointments Group to ratify my choice. It received unanimous support.

The elected Member Advocates represent the membership as part of the Operating Board. The Executive Director, Finance Director and NED bring domain expertise to the Operating Board. Jointly the six Board members are responsible for UKOUG, the company and its staff.  

I would also like to clarify, that although all UKOUG Board positions have small remuneration attached (in line with our Director’s time and expense policy) Fiona’s employer does not allow her to be additionally compensated and as such she has received no payment for her UKOUG Board contribution since November 2014.  

I hope you will welcome Fiona’s continued involvement in the UKOUG Board, working with myself and the team to deliver a new era for our members.

James Jeynes
Executive Director
21 April 2017

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