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UKOUG at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

18 September 2017

UKOUG will be at the annual Oracle OpenWorld and we thought we would take this opportunity to hear from our president Paul Fitton on what that means.

For me, this is my first visit to this flagship event and we have been busy planning to ensure that I and other UKOUG representatives make the most of our time there.

I am honoured to be representing our membership in this the extended Oracle Community. All Oracle user groups are recognised and hosted at Oracle OpenWorld by Global Customer Programs (GCP), the arm of Oracle that includes the International Oracle User Groups Community. 

There will be several IOUC meetings and user group appreciation events, where there are opportunities to collaborate and network with other user group leaders. At these events we get to collaborate with other user groups and Oracle to ensure we get support and secure leading Oracle executives and product specialists to come to our conferences. 

James Jeynes, our Executive Director, will also be attending OOW, his objectives include learning from the larger US based user groups on their operations and the challenges of change within their membership. Understanding other membership initiatives and what new ideas can be considered for UKOUG.

James and I both attended the annual EMEA User Group Community presidents’ meeting in Valencia, Spain in June. This was for both of us, our first opportunity to hear first hand what the user groups in our region are doing, and some of their initiatives. For both of us this learning experience has been invaluable and OOW will step that up to a higher level.

The June meeting is an annual meeting hosted by GCP, but there is also a more unofficial meeting each year. This year, for the first time, this meeting will be happening during our annual UKOUG conferences in December. James and I have several meetings arranged with the EOUC ambassadors on organizing this event.

Oracle OpenWorld is going to be a busy few days with many meetings and events to attend, representing the UKOUG. The conference kicks off on the Sunday with the User Group Sunday with presentations from many of our members on the EMEA and other tracks. Debra Lilley is facilitating the now traditional Short Talks, with not only ACE Program speakers but also the new Developer Champions.

There is a user group pavilion where delegates can talk to user group leaders about what happens in their industry or region. Those of us attending from UKOUG will be part of this initiative.

There are many events and meetings at Oracle OpenWorld and thanks to Oracle UK for ensuring we have been invited to the right ones and can represent those UK customers who are our members and not just those who are at OOW. It’s going to be a very busy few days attending all these events.

Supporting our commercial activities Kerry, our head of sales, will also be attending. Many of our commercial partners will be at OOW and this is a chance to speak to them when the Oracle messaging is fresh and they are focused on how to get their messages aligned. Many of these partners are US headquartered and the budgets are held there. Speaking to their heads of marketing who will be at OOW helps us to secure their local spend more easily, and then there are partners looking to expand into EMEA or UK, who we can actually help. James will also support Kerry in meeting with all the exhibiting partners

Thank you to Oracle GCP who have provided UKOUG free passes to allows us to minimize costs. 

Both of our Member Advocates (Debra Lilley and Brendan Tierney) will be at Oracle OpenWorld. Both of them are Oracle ACE Directors and are also speaking at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne. Their travel costs are covered by the Oracle ACE program. Our Commercial Director, Fiona Martin, will be at Oracle OpenWorld with her employer as an Oracle Partner. 

All of your board will be representing you, our members, in everything we do and events we will be attending at Oracle OpenWorld.

This all means that your board will be at OOW in force and be representing UKOUG in every interaction

Additionally there are many other UKOUG volunteers attending OOW and we are organizing a meetup just to get together. [Office5] We will all be promoting our conferences, events and SIGs to everyone we meet.

Finally with my “end-user” hat on, I’ll be looking forward to consuming some of the content that’s relevant to my organisation.  We’re an EBS, Taleo and OBIEE house, in a hybrid setup, with a strategy that calls for the delivery of 90% of our customer facing services digitally by 2022.

I hope to not only report back on what I did at OOW in the next Oracle Scene, but also perhaps live stream and blog from the event.

Join UKOUG at the Oracle OpenWorld Meetup!

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