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13 January 2014

Kick off the new year by reading what Apps UX team recommends this month.

#1: Learn more about Simplified UI for Oracle Cloud Applications

Visit the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog for a new post about the strategy behind Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) simplified UI. Learn what’s new from the Oracle Applications User Experience team in Release 7, and find links to new video demos on simplified UI for self-service users and managers.

Floyd Teter, of EiS Technologies and an Oracle ACE Director, also writes about simplified UI and Oracle Fusion Applications HCM in his recent blog post, “Oracle Fusion HCM -- The Kettle Is Beginning To Boil.”

There are also a few new posts about Oracle Sales Cloud, such as a post  on the Oracle Applications Blog called “Wow Sales Managers and Reps with An Unmatched User Experience.” A separate post published on VoX last month about Oracle Sales Cloud focuses on what’s new with simplified UI in Release 7.

Also on VoX, Oracle partner Anne Meyer, of MIPRO Consulting LLC, talks about seeing the direction of the Oracle user experience, including simplified UI, in “Partner Gives a Thumbs-Up to Insight on Oracle User Experience.” She says, “I’m anxious for these products to make it to the marketplace. Some may be game-changing for Oracle, and how people view Oracle products.”

#2: Exploring new user experience concepts

Oracle invests a great deal in creating a user experience for its applications that empowers customers to be more productive and efficient. One way that investment is made is by exploring new technologies and looking for ways to use them so that the Oracle user experience continues to evolve. Much of that research takes place among the ranks of the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team.

Recent posts on the Usable Apps blog and on TheAppsLab blog look at what and how members of the Applications UX team are exploring new concepts. We invite you to join the conversation! Tell us about your experiences with new technology, and how you think they could be used. To read more about what we’ve found, head over to the Usable Apps blog for new posts on Voice, social network integration, and Google Glass. Then check out Jake Kuramoto’s new post about exploring new concepts on TheAppsLab blog.

#3: Support for building your own good usability practices

Visit the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog for a new post from Misha Vaughan, an Oracle Applications User Experience director, to see what she writes about “Six Things You Can Do Today to Jump-Start Your User Experience for Enterprise Applications.” Her post tells you how to build in good usability practices, even on a small budget.

#4: UsableApps now on Facebook

We’ve launched an Oracle Applications User Experience Facebook page to help with recruiting and provide another channel to communicate and reach out to customers. Please visit the page, “Like” it, and help us spread the word! 

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