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User Story - Mersen

User Story - Mersen

1 March 2013

Mersen Group holds leadership positions in two major areas of expertise: Materials and Electrical.


Mersen offers a very broad range of advanced materials in a variety of forms to meet the needs of extreme industrial environments where resistance to high temperatures and corrosion is critical: graphite, reactive metals, ceramics and polymers, other carbon products.

Generally purpose-designed, our single-component or turnkey solutions are used in a number of different industries: production of polysilicon, used mainly for the manufacture of photovoltaic panels, semiconductor fabrication, chemical and pharmaceutical installations, process industries.


Our electrical solutions and services for motors and generators contribute to the safety and performance or electrical installations and power electronics. They include: a power electronics bundle offer comprising cooling devices, laminated busbars and semiconductor fuses, signal transmission systems, power supply carbon brushes and brush-holders, maintenance services...

JDE Project:

JD Edwards History at Mersen:  Mersen is a long time JD Edwards customer with worldwide implementation. Today this represents many sites. World is implemented in many sites with a strategy to expand the World footprint within the company.

Mersen uses both World and EnterpriseOne with a strategy to reinforce the world side of the business. They started a few years ago an upgrade project from A7.3 to A9.1.  They upgraded their core model retrofitting multiple custom developed components into it: Mersen overtime has created a lot of custom programs that really address the need of the business and wanted to make sure that these assets are still part of the new core model. Then they started to roll out this core model  when a site was ready to upgrade. The core model upgrade was done in a few months and now the real upgrade of a site is done in a matter of weeks.

Today Mersen is starting to evaluate the latest World release A9.3 to prepare for the next upgrade project, from A9.1 to A9.3.