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10 April 2015

How emerging technology and wearables are influencing UX at Oracle...

On emerging technology:

Learn how Oracle is pumping up its investment in the user experience again in a new article from Jake Kuramoto on the Usable Apps website, “New emphasis on emerging technology shapes Oracle’s user experience strategy.”

If you want to see for yourself how emerging technology is translating in our research, book a tour in our new Cloud UX lab. Recent updates to our lab tour page provide links to new demos and contact information for setting up your own tour.

To learn more about how we inspire innovation that relies on emerging technology among our own troops, visit Profit Online for a recent article on augmented reality: “The Augmented Enterprise: Four augmented reality use cases allow users to see data through a new lens.”

On wearables:

Speaking of what we’re doing around emerging technology, what’s Oracle’s position on wearables and user experience? If you want to know what we’re doing around the Apple Watch, or any new smartwatch, read this Usable Apps blog post: “A Glance at Smartwatches in the Enterprise: A Moment in Time Experience.” We tell you what we’ve already done, and how that’s influencing the Oracle user experience.

Tidbits from around the globe:

We like to share when others start talking about the Oracle user experience. Take a look to see how people are responding to the latest evolution of Oracle’s UX.

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