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We’re so much more than a Solaris SIG…

19 May 2015

OK, you’re a DBA, or an Architect, Analyst, or maybe you’re an IT Manager, so why should you be interested in Solaris SIG events?

Peel away the upper layers and you’ll very quickly see that the Solaris SIG is so much more than a bunch of Solaris System Administrators and enthusiasts. Our membership has always been diverse and there’s a good reason for this. We don’t limit ourselves solely to Solaris-focused activities and talks at our meetings, we aim to cater for the wider Oracle community.

Over the years, we’ve covered subjects as diverse as Getting the most out of MOS; Enterprise Cloud with OpenStack on Solaris 11.2; An Introduction to SuperCluster; Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c; and Solaris 11 & Network Virtualisation at our evening meetings – yes, we meet in the evenings, which may make it easier for you to come along after work rather than cutting into your working day.

Not only that, but our evening events are also free to attend. If you’re already a UKOUG member, you don’t need to worry about using up any of your SIG places, just register and come along.

Introducing the new Solaris SIG committee

Solaris 2

We kicked off 2015 with a new committee following elections last year. In addition to committee veteran Andrew Watkins who stays with us for his second term, we are pleased to welcome Bob Hoekstra and Phil Harman to the team.

Our new committee members bring not only many years of experience working with and for Oracle customers but also plenty of fresh ideas to help revitalise the SIG and broaden our appeal to other UKOUG members even further.


New Look, New Venue

Expect new and exciting things at the Solaris SIG in 2015!

Following on from the re-launch of the Solaris SIG in February at its new home in Bonhill Street, London, we’re planning a great selection of talks, discussions and networking opportunities throughout the rest of the year.

Along with the content, the structure of the event also varies, so you may expect to see anything from snappy chalk & talk style sessions to technical deep-dives, lively round-table or panel discussions, show & tell quick demo’s and the occasional hands-on offering or a mixture of all of these.


But don’t take our word for it, let some of our long time Solaris SIG delegates tell you what’s in it for you in their own words.Solaris 1

“The Solaris SIG is a great place to hear about Solaris related technologies, both Open Source and commercial based. But even more importantly it is an opportunity to hear from others on how and why they use different technologies in their environments. There are often Solaris engineers giving talks or attending the meetings, so it’s a good opportunity to talk to them directly. It is a great place to share your experiences, ideas and to learn something."

- Robert Milkowski, (Robert currently works as VP in Unix Engineering, Morgan Stanley.)


“The topics are wide ranging, the presenters are knowledgeable and approachable. It is a very practical way to keep in touch with all that is happening around Solaris.”

-  José Martinez, Independent

The next Solaris SIG is on 17th June. Visit our community page for more information or find us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN.


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