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Why Had My Plan Changed? Top 7 Plan Stability Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them!

11 January 2017

UKOUG Database & RAC Cloud, Infrastructure & Availability SIG Thursday 23rd February

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2017

Time: 16:20- 17:05

Track: Database


When you write SQL, Oracle runs it through the Optimiser to determine the fastest way to access the data.
This access path sometimes changes without anyone noticing.
Sometimes it's faster.
Sometimes it's slower. Dramatically, catastrophically slower.
Why doesn't Oracle always get it right? Why does it change?

This presentation will answer the question Why - through the use of live demonstrations,
and explain what we can do to manage SQL execution plans within the database
and minimise the opportunity for Oracle to get it wrong.

Presented by:  Neil Chandler, Chandler Systems

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