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Article submissions


If you have an idea for an article, but are not sure whether it would be appropriate, you should email a completed article submission form to the editor ( with a request for feedback. You will receive feedback roughly a week after submitting the form. *Please note all completed articles must be received by the deadline date so please ensure you request feedback well before the deadline to give you time to complete the article.*

All completed articles must be submitted by the relevant deadline. These can be found in the editorial calendar. Articles must be submitted to:

Articles should be no longer than 4 pages. One page of text only equates to roughly 500 words. Images should count as part of your word count. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents, with any diagrams/images supplied in separate files at 300dpi and referenced in the main document.

Selection of articles for publication

All submitted articles are assessed by a review panel, comprised of volunteers from a variety of businesses and specialties. The review panel rates the articles and makes comments where appropriate.  

An editorial meeting takes place approximately 2 weeks after the submissions deadline, at which articles are assessed and the review panel’s scoring and comments are taken into account. The editorial team makes the final decision as to which articles will be selected for publication, considered unsuitable for publication or held over for a future edition (Note: this may happen if there is a theme for a future edition with which the article fits better or if there is too much content for the space available). You will be notified of the result as soon as this process has been completed.

Please note: In general, any article with a sales undertone scores low marks from our review panel and is rejected outright.


If your article is selected for publication, it will be proofread and edited according to the Oracle Scene style guide by the editorial team. A final copy of the article will be sent to you for a final proof before publication.