UK Oracle User Group

UKOUG ERP Cloud Partner of the Year

Congratulations to our shortlisted partners:

Bullet point Certus Solutions

Bullet point Claremont

Bullet point Evosys

Bullet point Hitachi Consulting

Bullet point KPMG UK LLP

Bullet point Version 1


Category Criteria:

This award is for partners who cover any Oracle ERP applications deployed as SaaS (ERP Cloud).

A partner qualifies for this category if they have achieved at least one of the following in the last 12 calendar months: 

Bullet point Implemented a SaaS-based Oracle ERP Application solution, either as a net new project/customer or migration/upgrade from existing Oracle systems

Bullet point Built a solution extension of a standard SaaS deployment using Oracle PaaS technology

Bullet point Provided an Application Managed Service for an Oracle ERP SaaS Application

Clients should vote based on a partner's ability to demonstrate:

Bullet point Product knowledge

Bullet point Quality and speed of the install/migration/transition

Bullet point An innovative approach to install/migration/outage time

Bullet point Business case analysis methodology, and appropriateness of solution

Bullet point Adherence to Oracle best practice/standards