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Graduate Profile: Nahla Nasser






Nahla Nasser

Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

Masters Engineering/MBA International Business, ESME Sudria/ISG in Paris, France

    Nahla Nasser 

What is it like being a graduate within the Oracle sector?

It is overwhelming at first because projects are extremely complex, however, experienced employees are keen to help develop my expertise in Oracle EBS. I have already been exposed to the testing phase of a significan project in my first week of working with Capgemini. I know that there are plenty of opportunities ahead, with a grand project for a major utilities client (SSE) which I know will challenge me whilst training me to become more familiar and comfortable with Oracle.

Is the job what you thought it would be?

Yes. I knew it would be challenging and intimidating at first but knowing how helpful the experienced colleagues are, it is exactly the type of work I envisioned it would be.

Having been in your first job for a while, what have you learnt or benefitted from that you would like to pass on to others looking for a similar job/career?

This is my first month working for Capgemini as a recent graduate, but I have already been exposed to complexe methodologies and an interesting project. I would recommend those who are looking for a similar job/career to anticipate challenges and want to tackle head on a major project from their first week working in the industry.

How did you prepare for your job hunting?

I made sure to read a lot on the IT industry before applying. I also read the job offers thoroughly, what they expect from you and what experience they want you to have before applying. I ensured that I was capable of entering all the roles I applied to, and read up on all the companies as much as possible to be fully prepared for any interviews/assesment centers. I also made sure to highlight all my strengths on my CV and took out anything that wasn't relevant to the industry I was applying to.

In your opinion, what could undergraduates be doing to better prepare themselves for IT roles?

Read a lot of books on the subject. I personally enjoyed reading books on IT consulting jobs, what to expect and how to prepare for interviews. I think it is also imperative to familiarise yourself with the latest technologies, particulary the latest databases, cloud technologies and different software solutions. Everything is accessible online via blogs, ebooks, wikipedia and company pages so it is simple to search everything you need to know about the IT industry and its technologies.

What advice would you give to graduate job seekers?

Make sure you are ready for any role you apply to. Don't be afraid if you are not completely familiar with the technology (I had never used Oracle before applying to an Oracle job) because you get all the training required once you start your role. Be motivated and encouraged to learn quickly and show your motivation and eagerness to learn through your cover letter, interview and assesment centre.

What is your career plan?

I am working towards climbing the consultancy chain to the highest level (from junior consultant to senior project manager). I am also working towards achieving as many Oracle certificates as possible to increase my market value significantly in case I decide to start my own firm later on in the future.

Twitter: @NahlaNasser89

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