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Graduate Profile: Peter Emeagwali






Peter Emeagwali

Oracle Applications Consltant, Capgemini UK

MSc Information Technology, London Metropolitan University

    Peter Emeagwali 

What made you choose this role with this organisation?

I applied to be a part of the Capgemini UK Graduate scheme because of Capgemini's reputation as a global brand and an oracle diamond status member. I believed the role would offer me a chance to work on exciting projects and expose me to new technologies. The organisation also had a high reputation for career development and encourages training which made the role a right fit for me as I start my career in IT.

What is it like being a graduate within the Oracle sector?

As a graduate on my first IT role it has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I have been offered a lot of support from members of the team and training in both oracle technology and soft skills like effective communication which has proved vital as a consultant on client projects.

Is the job what you thought it would be? 

It is still early days in my career but so far my expectations have been met in a lot of areas. I have been given responsibility on several internal and external projects that has both given me exposure and developed my skill set.


How did you prepare for your job hunting?

I made a draft of my CV and got the university career development team to polish it and make it look professional. I registered with a couple of recruitment websites and also created a LinkedIn account which helps to raise visibility and expand ones professional network.

In your opinion, what could undergraduates be doing to better prepare themselves for IT roles?

As an undergraduate the experience gained in volunteering proved invaluable so I would recommend volunteering as a way of contributing to society, using skills learnt whilst at university as well as preparing for future IT roles.


What advice would you give to graduate job seekers?

I would advice they keep an up to date on-line profile on sites like LinkedIn. It would also be helpful to do some background research on the company / role before applying to make sure its a right fit and it proves helpful during interviews

What is your career plan?

I aim to be an Oracle Database Administrator. At the moment I have attended several Oracle courses and am currently working on getting my certifications.


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