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Graduate Profile: Shazna Begum






Shazna Begum

Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

Business Studies, Birmingham City University

    Shazna Begum 

What made you choose this role with this organisation?

Capgemini is a global leader in Consulting, technology and outsourcing which provides amazing opportunities for graduates and apprentices. Capgemini has an excellent graduate scheme which provides a great stepping stone for graduates to develop as Consulting professionals. Being a global company it also provides the opportunity to build your network and meet people from all backgrounds.

Prior to joining Capgemini I was involved in a SAP implementation project, where the company I was working for was in the process of a SAP upgrade. This gave me an insight into the world of technology consulting, I found it very exciting to be able to work with new technology. This is what encouraged me to pursue a career within technology consulting at Capgemini.


What is it like being a graduate within the Oracle sector?

As Oracle is one of the smaller teams at Capgemini, we are able to network with everyone better. Also the graduates are not seen as just numbers but each individual is catered for by the great support we are provided with. Since joining the company I have been assigned a reviewer and a resource manager who have both helped aid my development.

Also with the vast advances in technology this means I am able to get involved with the latest advances in Oracle. Recently I worked with a team of graduates on an Oracle product which was new to the company. We were able to carry out testing and developed use cases to demonstrate its effectiveness for our clients.


Is the job what you thought it would be?

Yes, I am very grateful for having this opportunity. Not only have I been able to develop on a personal level I have also been able to develop as a professional.

I have also been able to manage my career in the direction I would like to take it. I have met many graduates and seniors from across all areas of the business.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to work directly with clients which has helped my confidence dramatically.


Having been in your first job for a while, what have you learnt or benefitted from that you would like to pass on to others looking for a similar job/career?

It doesn't matter whether you have a technical background, Capgemini are able to provide the necessary training to train all individuals as long as you are willing to learn and develop.

Also to give back to the company, I have been involved with a number of graduate activities where I have been able to meet potential new joiners and give them an introduction to Capgemini. So wherever possible try to get involved in as many extra curricular activities as you can - it's a great networking opportunity!

One major takeaway from my first year is learning how to be independent as the nature of the job involves staying away from home and a lot of travelling.


How did you prepare for your job hunting?

I kept in touch with my university careers adviser even after I had graduated. I also joined graduate recruitment agencies. But personally I think the best way is word of mouth and networking with those already in the industry (LinkedIn)


In your opinion, what could undergraduates be doing to better prepare themselves for IT roles?

Read up on technology and understand which area you would like to specialise in.


What advice would you give to graduate job seekers?

Prepare well for interviews by attending mock interviews, assessment centers.

Prepare answers for questions which are most likely to come up.

Network with graduates already in the company to get a better insight.

Finally don't give up, you learn from every unsuccessful interview.


What is your career plan? 

Once completing my two year graduate scheme I aim to become a senior functional consultant specialising in Oracle HCM.


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