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Gold membership - £915

A Gold membership is recommended for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), where membership benefits would be utilised by a small team of people.

This membership provides you with full access to the UKOUG website where you can:

  • Access a wide range of resources in the library
  • Keep up to date with latest news relevant to your profession
  • Discover tools to meet your learning and training requirements
  • Network with like-minded individuals via the online forums 

Gold membership entitles you to:


          £915 + VAT for a one year membership (plus a one-off admin fee of £100)

          £1647 + VAT for a two year membership (plus a one-off admin fee of £100)

Anyone can present at one of our events and write for our magazine, Oracle Scene. Do you have an exciting presentation or an interesting article which you think will benefit our members? Submit an article for our magazine here or submit an abstract for one of our SIGs or conferences.

*All passes are fully transferrable between colleagues. If you'd like more passes, look to the Platinum membership package

**Up to four passes can be used at any one SIG event

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