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Provide feedback and opinions

“Together we represent a significant voice, louder than Oracle’s top 20 customers added together, and as a group we make a positive difference.” Ronan Miles, UKOUG Chairman

UKOUG is one of the most influential user groups feeding into Oracle at a global level. Our Board of Directors has built key senior relationships within Oracle and all our events have an Oracle representative assisting the committees. Feedback from our members goes to the right people within Oracle at a faster pace.

It’s important that all our members take the opportunities available to provide feedback into UKOUG for two main reasons:

  • Member feedback is vital for the growth of your user group. UKOUG relies on member input to help develop and shape the organisation to ensure the membership is being served in the right way
  • Member feedback is passed on to Oracle to ensure that UKOUG remains a powerful and significant voice for the Oracle customer base. In 2010 for example, our Application Server & Middleware Special Interest Group was instrumental in feeding back to Oracle about users concerns regarding iAS 10.1.2 . Members provided evidence to back up internal discussions on the subject that resulted in Oracle postponing the end of iAS 10.1.2 premier support for another year. 


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