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Renewing your membership

*Please note that supplying a purchase order number does not constitute payment and therefore does not automatically renew the membership. The membership is renewed once payment has been received.

We have created a document for you which should help you justify the renewal of your membership to your manager.  Download this document now

UKOUG memberships run for a 12 month period from the joining date. In order for your membership to run continuously it must be renewed before the expiry date of the current membership term.

Make a saving - Did you know that if you renew for 2 years you receive a 10% discount on the membership plan you are taking out? If your budgets are tight this could be the option for you.

Renewal notices

UKOUG will issue a renewal notice to the main contact 60 days prior to the membership expiry date with a renewal quote and payment instructions. If we receive no response, we issue a further two reminders before your expiry date requesting that action is taken to avoid a lapse in the membership. 

If a membership renewal has not been paid in full by the current membership expiry date, the membership will automatically lapse, at which point all contacts attached to the membership will be notified by email.

Memberships renewed after their expiry date, without giving us prior notification, will incur a £50 administration fee.

It is important to start your internal procurement process early enough for it to not interrupt your membership.

Renewal Prices

Bronze membership - £200 + VAT

Silver membership - £555 + VAT

Gold membership - £855 + VAT

Platinum membership - £1400 + VAT

Independent Partner membership - £150 + VAT

Partner membership - £855 + VAT

Silver Partner membership - £1155 + VAT

Gold Partner membership - £2500 + VAT

Platinum Partner membership - £3500 + VAT