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Book Review: Principles of Computer Security, Fourth Edition by Wm. Arthur Conklin and Greg White

31 August 2016

Published by McGraw-Hill Education, written by: Wm. Arthur Conklin and Greg White

This is a great book to learn from, and you don’t need a computer in front of you, as descriptions and images suffice. This was particularly good for me, as I was reading after looking at a pc all day, so nice to be able to get away from a screen.

Visually: The layout, organisation and images is excellent. At the end of each chapter is a summary, a section on key terms and a quiz, which work very well together to enforce the learning of the material in that chapter.

Content: The areas covered and the depth of material was good for an introduction into security. i.e. I felt it was explained well enough that I understood all the points been put across, and yet diverse enough, that I felt like I was touching new ground and that I was learning something new.
If you did want to delve further into any area, many references URL’s are included linking to other material.
I particularly enjoyed the sections relating to Networking, Encryption and Physical Security, including the human element of the chain.

Occasionally, where appropriate, they fit in a nice little story. E.g. the word cipher originates from an Arabic world, meaning “empty” – so nice to link it to something real.

Cons: The book is quite large/ heavy, so can be cumbersome to carry around all day, but also a good indication of the quantity of material within the book

In Summary, the presentation and content was excellent. The book is a great learning tool, and even if like me, and you’re not intending to take the exam, still well worth reading.

- This is from a Senior Oracle DBA’s prospective.

Review by Gerard Feeney, Hansard

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