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Crocus OBIEE Test Drive

Crocus OBIEE Test Drive

2 March 2012

Crocus is delighted to announce that its new OBIEE test drive facility is now operational at its offices in the Leicester City Centre.

Crocus Consulting Ltd

Crocus will be holding a webinar for those seeking greater insight into the power of Oracle BI (Business Intelligence). Following the webinar, those delegates who wish to trial the technology, can take part in an experiential, hands-on assessment of the system at the purpose built Crocus Test-Drive facility in the Midlands. Find out more about the event here.

Why Test Drive?

There is an awful lot of material out there on the Web and in the media about BI, MI data warehousing and all of the rest of it.  It is very easy to download papers by industry leading analysts who will give their opinions on which products are the best and draw graphs showing quadrants and other analysis to prove it.

It is also very easy to spend a lot of time in sales demos and being talked to death by sales people who are anxious to sell you the product but who are somewhat less concerned with how good a fit their product really is for your business.

So how can you form a properly informed decision that you can feel comfortable with.  One way is to talk to people who already use the product and take references, which we heartily recommend, and the other is to get your hands on the system and try it out for yourself.

The test drive is effectively a mini training course in which each delegate is first taken through a tour of the delivered analytics dashboards. They then get to build a series of reports and then having done so will create a dashboard to which the newly created reports will be added.  

What is OBIEE?

OBIEE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.   It is one of the industry leading business intelligence and data warehousing toolsets.   It represents the coming together of some of the prestigious software acquisitions that Oracle has made over the past few years.  In particular Seibel Analytics provides the framework with Informatica as the leading ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool in the market and finally BEA with the Weblogic portal technology is a heady mix of toolsets.
In addition comes with a number of major unique selling points that are pertinent to the PeopleSoft user community.

1.    The system comes with pre-written analytics applications.  These are suites of reports and dashboards such as HR Analytics, Financials Analytics, Sales Analytics etc.
2.    OBIEE integrates out of the box with PeopleSoft 9.1.
3.    OBIEE has ‘Actionable Insight’ that provides the facility to drill straight from a dashboard into the transactional system to discover the source of any anomalies or points of interest found within the dashboard.
4.    OBIEE analytics and the underlying technology form a major component of the Fusion technology stack, with analytics embedded into the Fusion product.  Therefore companies that adopt OBIEE now will have already taken a step on the path towards fusion.

What is available today?

Oracle BI for Corcus article

Why use pre-built Apps?

The problem that all data warehousing projects hit is the enormity of the technical task in front of you when you start from scratch.  By providing pre-written applications the project can focus on the data, the dashboards and the reports from the point of view of how useful they are to the business, rather than spending so much time just making the thing work in the first place.  This represents a huge saving because it massively foreshortens the project.
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