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Lastest in the 5 Minutes with Primavera series

5 June 2015

Take a look at the latest videos developed by the Oracle Primavera Curriculum Team to demonstrate, explain and enhance your experience with the Primavera application...

5 Minutes with Primavera Unifier - Adding Summary Elements from Query Tabs

This video covers the addition of summary elements in the upper form of the Contracts business process so that summarized information can be derived from numerical fields in its query tabs. 

5 Minutes with Primavera Unifier - Creating Query Tabs in a Referenced Business Process

This video covers the configuration of an Action Items query tab in the Meeting Minutes business process in uDesigner and discusses its use at runtime.

5 Minutes with Instantis EnterpriseTrack - Creating a Dashboard

This video walks you through the process of creating dashboards in Instantis EnterpriseTrack. The video begins with the completed dashboard and then shows you, step by step, how to re-create it, with frequent breaks to view progress along the way.

5 Minutes with Primavera P6 - Merging Projects

Conveniently combine two or more projects, making it easy to manage related resources, relationships, and activities all in one place.

5 Minutes with Primavera P6 - Resource Bucket Planning

Resource bucket planning in P6 allows you to manually edit future work periods without being constrained by distribution curves.

5 Minutes with Primavera P6 Professional - Updating Activities Using Auto Compute Actuals

Status your project automatically with the use of auto compute actuals. This function will automatically update actual dates, percent complete, remaining duration and remaining units based on the data date.

5 Minutes with Primavera P6 Professional - Deprogress a Schedule

Reuse an existing project to create a new project by removing all actuals, resetting the remaining durations to equal the original durations and making all percent completes zero.

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